Inviting Submission

Plethora: A Blogazine with intense and passionate verses

995340_1070986946302160_2811386903564809486_nPlethora the online Blogazine is seeking submission for poetry, prose, short stories, articles and more. The theme is defiant and those who have interest or inclination in writing towards passionate, intense and sensual genre then kindly submit your proposal to The best of each shall be featured on the Blogazine every month and the copyright stays with the author/writer. The submission guidelines are given below please read them carefully before submitting your work.

  1. Send only one short story (7000 words maximum) and one poem of any length and style, keeping the theme and purpose of the Blogazine in mind.
  2. For Prose or Articles (2000 to 2500) is the word limit but the theme should be again kept in mind.
  3. Use Times New Roman Font, size 12 point standard and double spaced with clear mentioning of the name of the Title of the Work, Genre and the Author.
  4. Make sureā€¦

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