I Am Not a Goddess

Withered and tattered pieces fell,

From my naked body, emotions melting,

Down my cheeks, in white rivulet,

My eyes swollen red, I hide my face,

I stay behind the doors, a tiny space,

The curtains flow at times when soft,

Gust blows; it soothes me with the scent,

Of outside world, the parched land,

And wet drops on it, petrichor fills,

My soul and the fall’s breeze comes,

Inside holding my hand it brings me,

Out of that void, I spread my wings,

Willing to fly, yet there are just sounds,

Of fluttering and I am deprived,

Haven’t you been uncouth lately?

Forgetting oft that I am not a thing!


Alas! I’m lost much perhaps, in dreaming,

Days by, I am sitting there a lonesome,

And invisible body, why the past is such,

Stubborn, it takes me along into a land,

Where I was once turned to ashes, those,

Gloomy times when I felt wedged amidst,

Heaven and hell, yet my soul survived and,

Burning, it held my hand and conjured me,

From my own grave, I am living on this,

New facade now, where I have no friends,

Enemies none, my earthen dreams have,

Cracked, yet the cracks are not sign anymore,

Of my bleeding heart, I need no wings,

Yes! I am a wingless woman, I have the curves


Yes! They made me that way with a naive heart,

Why can’t you see! I have come only for you,

For love yours and romance, yet you kept,

Your face turned aside, I followed you and,

Fell, ah! What a spell, a sadistic cobweb,

That caught my soul this time, dead for,

Many nights laying a corpse in my own,

Dwelling, wasn’t this the end! I am battling,

A mêlée day and night, inside of me there,

Are both paradise and abyss and you said!

Go to pilgrimage! Bow my head to whom?

My peace is devoured by you, my darling!

Making love to me still in times of havoc,

Haven’t you been much demanding lately?

Forgetting evermore, that I am not a Goddess…


Words By: Monalisa Joshi

Image Credit: Unknown



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