Awakening of Nari

He mixed the clay from the,

Rivulet of heaven for days seven,

And sculpted a delicate statue,

With lustful eyes, his amorous,

Hands carved a figure that seemed,

Fragile with pair of bosoms,

Soft as the fresh season’s plum,

And nipples pink as cherry blossom,

He took ample clay and made tresses,

Long that shall flow as rivulet,

When the zephyr teases and pleases,

All those eyes of men,

Who shall see the statue of dust!


And when the forefathers asked why is,

He creating another human after man,

And what name shall he give to,

His artistry, he said, “a man’s heart,

Is incomplete without its opposite”

Thus I have created a woman, who shall,

Bear both man and woman, she would,

Be the goddess of all on this earth,

But I have made her delicate,

She shall have no power over us,

It is we, us, man, who will slave her,

And so shall she be the goddess of beauty,

Of lust, and her youthful skin will fulfil,


Desires of a man till night, till dawn,

And she will remain an object with,

A beautiful body, fragile ah! My finest,

Creation a woman! Yes I shall call her,

This and she would bow to me,

With her head forever bowed unto my feet,

Said the younger one in the heaven,

And gave life touching her heart,

Awakened she opened her eyes, there was,

Lightning and thunderstorm that,

Roared into the skies, her cheeks soft,

Red with rage now her fingers thin,

Lifted the spade to kill her lustful creator,


Oh! Look what have you done?

Hath thee lost thy mind?

Thee hath aroused a goddess’s anger,

And see now what catastrophe to befall,

Her naked body you have touched,

And spared be shall not one of us,

Her feminine aura rises from her hymen,

She shall bear the fruit of humanity,

In her chastity and run thy race,

See man! Oh see! What have thee done?

Reverse thy artistry, reverse thy lust,

And create a woman only for love,

The younger one bowed in shame,


Trahimam! Trahimam! Trahimam!

My creation can’t be undone,

And unable I am to quash this,

Forgive me my forefather said he,

Her naked body shall remain sensual,

Forever till eternity, but she shall be loved,

More by man and man would be her,

Twin flame on her bodily journey,

I am giving her all the strength to endure,

Down there in a world full of men now,

But soon she shall make more of her,

Kind and they all shall be the goddess,

Of hymen, and her energy shall flow,


Through all living beings,

And man shall know her as woman, Nari, Stri!

Tathasthu! Tathasthu! So be it, so be it!

Said all the gods and the beautiful woman,

Smiled covering her naked body,

With her long tresses! Her lotus hands,

Then blessed all the Gods!

Then blessed all the men!

And the Gods bellowed roaring the skies,

Shakti Swarupini, Namastasyai,

Namastasyai Namo Namaha!


Words By : Monalisa Joshi

Image Credit : Unknown



*Trahimam* Spare me

*Nari* Woman

*Stri* Woman

*Tathasthu* So be it

*Shakti* Power

*Swarupini* Taking a form

*Namastasyai Namo Namaha* Salutations to the goddess


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