Unfaithful Love

The first beam of sun knocked,

Her eyelids, and arouse she,

From her slumber of yore years,

Gazing at her beloved’s face,

She blushed and embraced,

Putting her silken robe, tiding,

The tresses tangled from nights,

Romance her bare body beneath,

Still lingering fresh with odour,

Of their love tale, her face yet pale,


She took one glance, her reflection,

On the mirror, she was beautiful,

Her swollen eyes of ten years siesta,

Gave her the hint, it was time ripe,

She was awakened to face the tempest,

That kept coming and sullying,

Her fragile house, breaking apart,

The liaisons tied of invisible thread,

And the heaven’s roared and roared,

To make her awake of the deep trance,


She never heard, busy weaving dreams,

And they saw how her young heart,

Was in glee, playing with sand and,

Making a dwelling alongside the shore,

It was time she woke, and so they broke,

Her castle, the sand got washed away,

And she stood cold wet in her own tears,

In a little while they pushed, she fell down,

It was the biggest jolt she could bear,

Her eyes opened wide to that virgin ray,


For first she saw her naked body,

Lying alongside her beloved’s,

In long time she experienced bodily love,

She had been in her wakeful slumber,

Walking, talking, breathing and lamenting,

Nightmarish defiant dreams were over,

And for first she put kohl in her eyes,

Opened the doors to the galleria,

And saw a squall approaching,

Gazing hard she made it turn its way,


Tis, her awakening to the unfaithful love,

Tis, her mourning to the unfaithful lust…

*Monalisa Joshi*

Painting By: Mark ARIAN




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