With dawn I followed the dew,

Drops on the green, they dripped,

In concert and the soil quenched,

Its thirst of desire, waited thy,

Soul night whole, alike the parched,

Earth, the dews from heaven,

Filled its lust and once barren,

Its chest is filled with pride,


And in solace in that wrecked,

Dwelling, with one bed,

With dust much and bread less,

Thy breaths I hear rising high,

Your manhood roared, dared I,

Cutting loose all the decrees,

There was no contemplation,

For future, neither I looked back,


What was left in the past!

This time,  I had waited long,

My footsteps were known,

Even before reached thy abode,

The moon was the only mate,

I had on my path to thy solace,

And twain hearts burning in fire,

For long, the beats even louder,


And desires rising spilled out,

I saw you standing on the façade,

Thy bare skin, and I gazed akin,

Runneth came I into thy embrace,

There were no qualms, the night,

Grew long, glancing in quite,

Our covetous love, that happened,

Night after night!


Myriad words of despise,

Myriad ears of spies spreading,

News to corners and more,

Tagging incestuous our love,

But cared we never, it was love,

Lust and more, feeling no guilt,

Ever we oathed to be this forever,

Tis, our courtship, needs no name…


Words by *Monalisa Joshi*

Art Credit: Alice Mason



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