Marauding Eyes

As her girth rhymed with the gust,

She shivered and sauntered along,

Slightly cocooning beneath chiffon,

Struggling against cool gust her dusky,

Skin, she evidently needed warmth,

Of her beloved, far across he sat,

Refusing with ease he saw zilch,


Of her timid yet alluring gestures,

She kept gazing at his face with,

Dreams she was weaving in her head,

At that moment, he caressingly fills her,

In his ample embrace, and she would,

Melt then all, forgetting the masquerade,

Emotions, and for once she thought,


How wonderful it would be to overlook,

The mayhem, and evoke that lost love,

Desiring the seconds clogged and she,

Remained frozen inside his brawny arms,

And of course there was love, even in his,

Marauding eyes as he kept glancing,

From the corners of his twain,


Even amid the horde of that unknown mob,

His gaze was solely upon her,

And visible on his fair face, was the truth,

How much was he taking delight!

Playing that game of hurting his pawn,

With his silence, she seemed his effortless prey,

And he wanted to devour her leisurely…


*Monalisa Joshi*





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