The Abyss

I sat there sitting on the wrecked chair,

Stitching the torn pieces of my heart,

You knew I had only one, and you pierced,

And pricked time and again, my beloved,

I had bled a lot before; I had bled in red,

I know some pieces were lost but I managed,

Stitching it with few torn pieces of cloth,


I made big basting of thread so that you see,

I am broken inside out, so that you see,

I am still giving beats, and those for you,

You stabbed me myriad times with words,

All like thorns, harsh that ripped my skin,

And yet I had the heart to love you again,


This time I lighted some bulbs of love,

Into the abyss you pushed me in and left,

The light was dim; I barely saw your face,

But knew you were there, loving with loathe,

My soul and more, and to make you sure,

That I still suffered, yes I felt pain of yore,


I wrapped my heart into the wire of thorns,

And walked around with feet chained in iron,

I made noise of locks clinking, heavy burden,

I oozed blood so that you smelled the hurt,

Still the abyss is now my home, and I am scared,

To fly out alone, you have cut my wings of dare…


*Monalisa Joshi*







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