Cage of Love

I was the prisoner of your love;

I was the prisoner of my wall,

Caged long inside the space,

Shared we under one roof,

Time was fading away fast,

Stole myriad moments of glee,

I looked at my skin, it was tight,

I gazed my face on the mirror,

It spoke of my inside fight,

I had lost my glow, the light,

You cared less, and I dared less,

One day seemed like years passed,

In aloof I sat, and in silence I cried,

My tears hidden and lips never smiled,

I knew never what you felt!

But only hatred I smelt,

Once love, and once loathsome,

Concealed gestures of face handsome,

I realized hating you was hard,

More than loving and I looked at sky,

With hope in eyes, and before the,

Ocean of dismay, pulled me beneath,

I chose to live forever in the sheath,

Like a cocoon and someday I will fly,

My truth is undeniable, not a jargon,

I am living in a cage, only now I have,

Filled it with love, your love chains me,

Your hatred drains me, a blind contract,

Perhaps made before even we were born,

But I am at peace now living alongside,

In the cage of love, a prisoner of life,

Of you as my beloved!

Of you as my soul mate!


*Monalisa Joshi*




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