The Bed Tea

The curtains are dark, they stop the light,

From dawn’s first ray to fall on my eyes,


My space is silent ever, it swallows noises,

From the world outside, nothing disturbs,


My sweet slumber of winter’s warmth,

Beneath the duvet, not even the birds,


Wake me up to their chirps and tweets,

But only my beloved’s much manly voice,


He wakes me calling my name in his,

Sweet yet egoistic tone, his day begins,


With my made cup of tea, hot and steaming,

And even I can’t deny, I enjoy his sound,


In my ears, the love filled pleading,

As he sits waiting inside the duvet yet warm,


And I walk to the kingdom of utensils,

Reflecting my face, half sleepy half awake,


As I still wrestle to find the pot from shelf,

And he enjoys hearing the clashing of steel,


It tells him my presence in kitchen and in his life,

He waits patiently for me to arrive with a tray,


Holding two giant mugs and some cookies,

And this becomes the moment of truth,


To smell the aroma that fills our little hearth,

With my made cup of his perfect bed tea!


*Monalisa Joshi*


4 thoughts on “The Bed Tea

  1. Beautiful, Monalisa! Love it! So heartwarming . . .

    I feel the loving, the accepting, the gratitude in your attitude of simply Being, of simply and clearly Seeing . . .

    Namaste, Beautiful Soul –
    Frances _/l\_

    1. Thank you so much Frances for visiting my blog and giving me so many praising words… I really appreciate your time and honor each and every word of yours… I look forward to hear more from you on my blog. Oh and I forgot to tell you that your comment will be published only once I see it and approve it… hope you are able to see my reply 🙂 Much love and blessings SiStar ❤

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