The Duvet Dream

Lost in the stillness of dark hours,

I stepped into another world, calm,

And peaceful it should be, wearing red,

Like a bride, I am someplace unknown,

The faces too unknown around me,

I sense a different person I am, looking,

Different with another woman face,

Yet my soul same keeps looking,

For those known faces, whom I have known,

Who are mine, amid this bizarre crowd!

I am lost; my individuality lost, yet my soul,

Same keeps looking for them, again and again,

I am wandering, running to find them,

That faces who have stayed with me,

Who were part of me, yet I have forgotten!

My eyes are looking for a man, my lover,

Only him I remember, his face so vivid,

He is somewhere; I know he is there,

I do not like this new stranger in my life,

His face not seen, yet I know he is there too,

Somebody forcing me into this alien,

Relationship I don’t want to step in,

My heart is longing for my lover,

I want to go to him, into his warm embrace,

Which I have felt in my present around me,

Why I am not able to find him, my soul,

Is making me suffer this parting,

Of twain bodies, of that love, of romance,

My eyes are only searching for him,

Everywhere, he is the one I love,

Fearful I am perspiring beneath that red dress,

Suddenly I wake up under my duvet,

Real wet in sweat, my heart beating faster,

I know it’s a dream, and I am sitting awake,

Beside my lover, with a relieved sigh!

Yet the fear of losing him even in my dream,

Was more than a nightmare and it lingers,

Still inside me whenever I get inside the duvet…


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