A simple low-priced cotton sari,

A stitched blouse to match with,

Hair neatly made into bun,

A round red bindi on the forehead,

A voluptuous figurine and fairly tall,

Accessories too contemporary that fall,

Matching with the sari wrapped,

Elegantly, it was the reflection of,

Many women on the mirror who,

Stood tall, beside their men, my mother,

And aunts, I have seen them all,

And now I follow into their,

Footsteps and feel proud of them all,

The legacy of gracious womanhood,

Continues and will with,

Many alike of our reflections…..
* Monalisa Joshi*


2 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Striking reflection of your culture during childhood that has matured into adulthood. You are now part of a strong and wise womanhood,…. with beautiful writing talents!!
    Well done Monalisa xxx

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