Her Enemy, Her Lover

She was walking slowly under the stars,

Forcing her body against the storm,

The night was dark; she was wet and cold,

Following in the shadow of her lover’s hold,

A strong built with a callous heart,

He thrashed her more oft, and laughed,

In his solace, she hated him yet loved,

Him even more, but never read him more,

He was like imp, with his deeds of despair,

And that night when she was real hurt,

A thorn pricked in her heart deep and deeper,

She bled and bled lying upon earth,

Her blood was much red than her lips,

Her pain visible on her face, she turned,

Slowly blue and frost took over her skin,

She was to meet her end, one last time,

Her eyes searched for him, her foe, her lover!

He came running defeating the time,

Held his lady love whom he had hated,

All these years, his hatred was love of a kind,

He cursed her every minute, yet needed her,

He never gazed her beauty, yet knew she was,

And this time he pricked his heart against,

Her bosom, and let the thorn prick his,

He took it with a smile, and she was relieved,

The thorn went deeper into him, he still,

Smiled, and for the first time he kissed her,

Lips and after a long, he saw her beautiful pale face,

Took it in his hands, one last time he pushed,

Her out of the thorn and took it all on his chest,

He smiled in pain, and she watched in tears,

Her drops of pain, her drops of pure love,

Fell on his cheeks and he closed his eyes,

There were no words greater than their hateful,

Love, myriad left unspoken, yet he showed her,

He loved her; he had always loved her!

He now rests peacefully on her lap,

The storm was over, his breath was too,

She never left, sat there forever, holding the,

Lifeless body of her sweet enemy, of her lover…


*Monalisa Joshi*








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