I saw everything, I heard many things,

There was a crack on a glass, I threw it,

There was a crack in my pot, I changed it,

Once the wall and then my doll cracked,

I mend it, but why couldn’t I mend me,

My cracks were big and wide, I hid them,

They were sore and bled, I lived them,

And now I have realized!

Yes I have realized!

I need no mending; I am a little cracked,

A little broken, but my cracks don’t bleed,

Anymore I walk tall, I neither hide, nor defy!

They are part of me, they have become me,

They are part of me; they are now my beauty…


*Monalisa Joshi*



3 thoughts on “Cracks

  1. Beautiful Monalisa!! I love the profound meaning behind the cracks, that allows the light to come in!! In Japanese they call it Wabi-Sabi, meaning, a way of living that focusses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life.
    Thank you and Blessings to you Beautiful friend of the Light!! _/|\_

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