Morsels of Love


Slumbering noons’ the sun over high,

The head, bodies sweating in the light,

Running came I, from an alien land,

Never liked the stay far from home,

Three months seemed eternal and abiding,

In the midst of this chaos, she waited for me,

When the whole town was asleep,

She remained awake, holding a plate full,

With lunch, a plate full of coastal meal,

She fed me with her hands bite by bite,

As I looked up to her face with keen eyes,

Her beautiful fair face still fresh inside,

Back then it was only food, that finished,

Fast I wished, but today I have realized it was,

Her sheer care, my mother’s morsels of love…….


*Monalisa Joshi*


7 thoughts on “Morsels of Love

  1. Beautifully written Monalisa!! I love your story-telling way and your choosing of words!
    Blessings to you my friend _/|\_

  2. Lover’s eyes, Mulberry gust, Baring and now this gem.

    Your poetry has a picturesque beauty, where you paint a verbal portrait. The fine detailing accounting for length of poetry oddly appeals, as people expect an abstract poetry short of words leaving trail of mystery. Your poetries on the other hand appeal in a different way. Would say you would have been an amalgam of Raja Ravi Verma and Amrita Shergill if you were a painter.

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