The hours of darkness seemed long,

Sitting by the window in her hearth,

The gust whispered in her ears the silent,

Words of love, the stars twinkled in far,

Sky, yet couldn’t stand the sparkle of her,

Tears, she was longing that unison again,

Her heart beating fast and loud for him,

Beneath her ample bosom, half covered,

Half revealed, her voluptuous figurine,

With thin muslin, flowing along breeze,

Oft! The Romeo gust touching her skin,

Gentle like feather, playing with tresses,

Long, lost in the dreams of her beloved,

Realized never the stars, the sky and gust,


All ogled her earthly beauty, desiring to,

Embrace, snuggle, stroke and unveil her,

Her velvet skin, her dusky tone, her baring!

And take benefit of her lover’s absence,

She seemed alone, alone and hollow for,

Long now, days and nights and seasons four,

Were passing fast, they all want the same,

But her rigid heart knows the game,

Kaput she seemed fragile with tears,

Myriad that always rested on the side,

Of her eyes, every night she became this,

Goddess of covetousness sitting on the facade,

Of huge window on the top, from where,

Flows her white muslin and flows her breaths,


Infinite, on which sits his name, she yearns,

Oh! She yearns for him desperate, keeping,

Safe her soul from them, who fetch souls at,

Midnight, dark hours is their chosen time,

They all sing along the same havoc rime,

They come in many and one, only for fun

Nature their best disguise and all they want,

To touch her, kiss her, lust her, rust her,

Dust her, choke her, tear her, and eat her,

And day one the wind the strongest flirts,

Blew away her veil revealing the concealed,

Truth, bud of chastity waiting to bloom,

Feeling guilty she stands, shivering in her coy,

And the gust, the sky and the stars whom,


She had befriended in her solitude,

Seemed dryads, hidden behind their godly,

Attires, lust spilling from their eyes,

The gust with its might scratched her, nabbed,

Her, grabbed her, pushed her, threw her,

The sky laughed and laughed watching,

In delight, the stars shining brightest upon,

Her fragile body, that had remained veiled,

In darkness for long, her coyness was strong,

They snatched her timidity and threw it on,

Earth, and the earth cried and cried on that,

Bloody site her shrieks reaching where,

Someone still loved her, thought her more oft!


Shared intimacy long time back, and tonight

On his bed, he felt her cold breaths and more,

He was restless, the strong built fair skinned,

Twisting and turning on the sheets white,

On which the two have stayed whole night,

Awake and alive once, breathing and moaning,

Kissing and embracing, sinking and melting,

Deep into each, her bosoms his chest,

The days and nights were all like fest,

Alone in his huge abode, which she left,

A small mayhem, a small turned big,

And long enough their hearts don’t dig,

On dead past, yet the wall wasn’t broken,

The creepers of emotions on both sides,


Rising on wall hidden like their love,

He rose, a strong shadow in dark, slipped,

Into his silken robe, he ran, he glided,

Towards her abode, the more the near,

And his heart feared, and his heart feared!

And his eyes wide to see! She was eaten,

She was beaten, she was fallen, woman!

So fragile, alas! He was too late,

The merchants of soul, the seller in nights,

Took away her’s and he could only,

Watch, her beautiful body covered in red,

Seeing her lover in front of her,

She rose and ran, her skin still velvet,

Her body youthful, her face like sherbet,


Red and cold, she fell into her arms,

He held her tight, in his valor,

She stayed whole night, she stayed whole night!

She had been for long, in the dark times,

Awake, thinking of his essence, feeling it more,

Of love, that came short but gave glee,

Pouring her senses all with his masculinity,

What night of romance, ah! What night of erotica,

When he was into her, deep and deeper,

Her baring was all sense when, oh dear!

Into his embrace feeling safe, no fear,

Her heart is all his now, she has wrapped herself,

Like a cocoon, he protects,

His chest, her breasts!


*Monalisa Joshi*



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