The Chest

In the corner stands, faded wooden cupboard,

One of the drawer I have filled their chuckle,

Beneath the carpet along some dust,

I have hidden their footsteps, those tiny prints,

And in the old trunk once new stored there,

Are their worn clothes filled with aroma!

From their naive bodies, the sounds of,

Their fights, endless laughter’s, I am keeping,

Safe in a jar, the jar of my soul, tightly sealed,

The places are clandestine for them to know,

I am protecting the memories all to show,

One day for when they grow into men,

To find this little truth hidden in my den,

I know their eyes will irk, for what they,

Are, they won’t show tears, it’s their fear,

The world would laugh to see man crying,

And slowly but slowly when they will find,

All, the small abode still echoes with their,

Laughter, the dust I hadn’t cleaned in years,

To keep the little feet marks safe, those places,

In the corner where their childhood still,

Lays, a place safe in my heart, safe in me!

Holding tight and could never release,

I was that chest filled with their essence,

And I know in the end they will cry!

Yes I know in the end they will cry………………..

*Monalisa Joshi*


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