That Known Face

Wandering in the desert of a man,

Once lost forever, carrying much baggage,

Of life, a suitcase filled with emotions,

A trunk full of melancholia, and lost,

My baggage holding glee, in the host,

Looking for it soul mine, ubiquitously,

In the midst of storm, midst of chaos,

There was myriad standing I glanced,

Like me, feet chained to their baggage,

Of gloominess, annoyance and tears,

Spilling over, they stood like puppets,

Immovable, I shook them but alas!

Chose to sleep, they in the slumber of,

Eternal grief, not I! Oh not I!

So I went to the scrap collector once,

My trunk filled with cynicism, to sell,

Them all, the weight all from my soul,

Oh! He was not the buyer of those,

And so I found none, yet in the midst,

Of my sordid times, I saw one face,

A familiar stranger, every face was my,

Beloved’s and I grew even more,

Forlorn, he was everywhere around me,

His voice echoing in my ears, his,

Shadow following mine, I saw him,

I heard him, delirium of my soul perhaps,

Or was pure love of lovers twain, agape!

In the times of mayhem, Oh yes! He was,

My saviour, he was the soul magpie,

Collected every wretched corner of my,

Soul, making it a new, I had always loved,

Him, that known face, that known stranger,

Who were both, the giver and the healer! …..

*Monalisa Joshi*


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