Fall’s Unsaid Love

She stood in her coyness, covered in dew,

Her skin wrinkled and curled up not new,

The impish and naive gust of fall teasing,

Her overtime, the blossom of her youth,

Lost with myriad falls, perhaps it was last,

With one string her life attached, aghast!

She wanted back all in her lap, lost love,

Lost times of warmth and placate,

Seasons and fall her mates, standing oft,

In her galleria, she thought of grabbing,

All those moments of togetherness in fist,

Alas! Too small to catch the tick of mist,

Blurred vision had seen much, aloofness,

For them she is a wrinkled, saffron leave,

Ready to fall, love stuck clinging last heave!

Been long the parting had made soar,

At her last, recalling his last words for,

This fall remaining as his unsaid love,

Do not die ever, for I had loved you once!

Do not die ever, for I had loved you once………..

*Monalisa Joshi*


7 thoughts on “Fall’s Unsaid Love

  1. Is fall a ‘double entendre’? Well written with good choice of words. ‘tick of mist’, ‘parting had made soar’…….couldn’t quite get the phrases. ‘Soar’ or ‘sore’? Is tick the insect ‘tick’?
    You must be thinking why these men of science nose into literature?
    Great read.

    1. Yes Mr. Gandhi you got it right this poem interprets two meaning I have personified the fall with my own emotions. Nope this tick is not the insect tick its the tick tock of clock ..seconds and soar means depicting inner pain or emotions …lol I enjoyed reading your comment and thank you for reading my poem ..keep sneaking your views I don’t mind …we all need appreciation and questioning after all 🙂

  2. Days will pass, and you’ll abandon things you were addicted to, and leave someone, and cancel a dream, and finally, accept a reality.

    Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Life’s cruelest irony.

    1. I am apologetic but I really don’t think that, its only that melancholia is a best mate for the poetess in me …it keeps the fire burning of my writing soul and I am put those emotions into poetry or prose. Anyways thanks for your reading and visiting my blog 🙂 Gratitude and Regards

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