Beau’s Elixir

Sitting in front of mirror, combing her tresses,

The restless mind lost in chaos of yore days,

A tear twinkled, finding its way down cheeks,

Ludicrous battle of words broke the ties easy!

Wounds in heart still ooze blood melancholic,

Her senses still richly filled with his essence,


Oh! She had smelled many and more elixirs,

Yes she had smelled of flowers, of perfumes fine,

Of fresh morning breeze to the prayers divine,

Of warm slumber afternoons, to the last dew dusk,

Of night’s cold robe filled with twinkle mass,

But her senses filled only with his essence!


That musk scent from his body, his clothes,

Lingering yet in her, in her chastity, in her soul,

On the bed, on the sheets where she sleeps alone,

The closet had left no clue, of his belongings,

But still his essence, oh! That masculine scent,

And only her senses filled with beau’s elixir…………………………


*Monalisa Joshi*




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