Smell of antiquated breeze flowing within,

The place was quiet and stood hollow,

The cracked walls, broken window panes,

A dead house long ago perhaps, holding,

Myriad stories of glory and romance,

Sunk in its heart deep within, waiting!


To be told, often passing by I gazed at,

The ruined wretched house, speaking to me,

In endless words like a child, audible,

To me only, I dared crossed the fences,

And entered within, a void space with,

A torn sofa filled with dust, nothing much,


Some broken and corroded utensils,

Lying in the kitchen, all dust upon,

And webs all, some broken pieces of glass

Bangles, a faded photo of a woman,

Lying on the floor, few old newspapers

 That fled with the breeze and amid,


These I saw the glee, I felt the time,

Of a tale left behind, those happy faces,

A handsome man and a beautiful woman,

Sitting on that sofa holding each other,

Like a bio-scope images became alive,

Feeling the love of that love filled time,


My heart grew warm and the next,

Moment, melancholic, feelings stirred,

Tears found their way through eyes,

I knew nothing, nor the story, the people,

Yet there was something in the air,

That whispered in my ears the untold,


Tale of love, resentment and rejoice,

Perhaps it wasn’t the skeleton house,

That stood still, it was the abyss of my own,

 Heart, where I found my past, those broken,

Pieces of emotions, those empty spaces which,

Will never fill, which might never fill!


It wasn’t the derelict house, it was the,

Derelict heart, that still oozes blood,

I stood by the window, gazing quietly,

The breeze came bringing all lost in time,

Stealing some solitude from the house,

One look at the place leaving, I never turned behind………………………….


*Monalisa Joshi*


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