A house of concrete not painted yet,

Myriad stairs, opened to a gallery,

With small baby steps we climbed,

And played there for unknown time,

An old plastic kitchen set, some broken,

Toys and derelict dolls, we drooled with,


A fair lady came, that boy’s mother,

I remember, she brought us some food,

To munch while we played for hours,

She was beautiful with a warm smile,

On her face, motherly her gestures,

Faded memories are filling my heart,


Today, a lot was forgotten perhaps,

My soul is looking for those, broken and,

Lost pieces which I left back in time,

Those days when the moon light fell,

Upon earth that we walked,

That narrow lane which went,


Till our house at the dead end,

I wondered looking at the night sky then,

Why did the moon, followed till home,

When stars were visible glittering,

And twinkling, that lone house still stands,

Fresh in my mind, carefree days those!


When even a balloon gave me the,

Happiness of the whole world,

Hopping and jumping, playing for,

Hours with one balloon, and,

Alas! when it fled to the sky,

Looking at it sadly wondering,

Where did it go, with two curious eyes,


With time those things have vanished,

Or vanished my attachment to them!

Little things that mattered most are now,

A topic to laugh about,  still when I see,

The same twinkle in children eyes,

Playing with a balloon for long,

Takes me back where I once was,


All I have now is the reminiscences of time,

And reminiscences of my childhood, won’t return ever……………………………………………………………



*Monalisa Joshi*




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