Jasmine Nights

A strange tune my heart is playing,

Today seems much known to me!

Romeo breeze has been playing,

All day long with my tresses, my skin,

I love sitting in my balcony,

Staring long the view outside,

The moment of nothingness,

The moment of be,

 That fragrance still lingers,

Of thy love, thy romance,

I feel nostalgic, melancholic heart,

Today seems much known to me!

My tresses are loose,

Waiting for you to bring,

Those white flowers that,

I love to adorn on my bun,

When the whole night,

The sheets on the bed,

And even the bodies are filled,

With the richness of those white,

Flowers, even when they die,

Keep spreading their fragrances,

So that our love lives, ever fresh,

Ever fragrant, like the dew drops,

The vendor sprayed, the whole night

Long, to keep his Jasmines’ fresh,

He sold them, or did he sell love!

He knew never his few strands of flowers,

Brought us closer, much closer,

Tying us together like those Jasmine,

Tied to its string, never separated,

Even when they died, what bonding,

My beloved knows I love Jasmine,

He buys me always and I lovingly,

Tie them on my bun, I look beautiful,

There is never a word, but I can see,

In his eyes, his love for me!

I silently thank, and always do,

The Jasmine nights, nights when the,

White buds of love have stayed with me,

Today seems much known to me……………………………………………………….


*Monalisa Joshi*


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