Stealing some moments from past,

I brought them along, tightly in my fist,

I hid them some place safe, where no one,

Ever finds, the corner with all childhood,

Memories and more, there is so much,

Left behind, into my eyes still fresh,


The times when I walked along, she held,

My finger, I looked up to her face,

The fairest, she wore simple sari,

An avid reader, she went to the libraries,

She brought many books, read them,

Told us facts and stories,  I admired,


Perhaps a lot has changed, with time,

That beautiful face, bears many wrinkles,

But her essence of youth still lingers,

It seems like yesterday, the memories,

From my childhood, but the colors,

Have faded away, it has become the past,


Yet in my solitude, I go to that corner,

Where I have safely kept, those memoirs,

They can’t ever be told or will come back,

Time had flown on wings of time,

But she still lives in my mind as beautiful,

As young as ever, my mother and the,

Life spent there, in her warmth was priceless…………………………………………..


*Monalisa Joshi*




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