Rhapsody of the Contract

A wagon of clouds passing by, hopped in soul my,

With a piece of paper, the sole passenger was I,

Crossing the oceans and rivers, passed by the highs,

Topsy- turvy, whirling and the engine bellowing,

One look at the paper I held it tight in my fist,

First stop, the platform of night!

Squeaked the wheels on the invisible tracks,


Jumped out and asked why?  Why that paper?

A golden one with signature mine,

The night replied with bewildered eyes,

Hail to the stars, journey to the constellations,

Perhaps then, thy question shall be answered,

The wagon bellowed again, and ran I,

This time to the stars, with hope in eyes,


Only hopes, no sleep, the cost was too high,

A sparkling trail it followed, nothing less,

Than paradise, next stop the galaxies to stars!

Bewildered I, they too many, saw one shining bright,

The wagon read my mind; it took me to the one,

I cried from inside, “What the golden paper have I?”

An unknown quest, I was the traveler in time,

The brightest one smiled, and smiled,


Pointing me towards the North, replied,

“Thy soul travels, to the bright light, till the end,

For I am not the brightest or the mightiest,”

Wagon throwing steams of clouds ran again,

Moving this time faster, the last stop to reach by,

I shall have all my answers, Oh! Poor curious mind,

Huge, vast golden gates came to my sight,


Eyes blind, the words of the brightest one rang,

The gates were open, the wagon disappeared,

Perhaps! It was the final destination in time,

A voice echoed, “shall you cometh, will I,

Shall you do will I, is too much a price?”

Woke up on my bed, with little sleep had I,


Realized what my quest in time was about,

Had made a contract, before was I born,

It was now time to walk the path, sleep was,

A tiny price to pay, a fair gain on my side,

Rhapsody I partake, the agreement is a blessing,

With no expiration date, perhaps I know who,

 Made that golden contract, and I am a writer, I write………………………………………………..


*Monalisa Joshi*


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