Melting Desires

The nectar of love pouring,

Into thou soul and heart,

The doors of heavens open,

Into thou embrace of love,

My beloved my arms wide,

Spreading and wrapping,

Thy naked body into mine,

Feeling the warmth of yours’,

Sinking deep unto the ocean,

Of melting desires!


Thy essence lingers on my soul,

Divine love touches inside,

Of all the nights and days,

Of all the winds and clouds,

Of all that is and that was,

I surrender my bare body,

Unto your feet, my heart is the temple,

Thy soul resides, rising forever,

Are melting desires!


Thy mine body is old, soul anew,

Leaping over into young bodies,

From dust to ashes, flies time,

Benign Lord! Spare beloved’s soul,

Fathom, thou love isn’t over yet,

Twain bodies burning in fire,

Embracing, merging, bathing,

In melting desires! ……………………………..


*Monalisa Joshi*





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