Seductive Irreversible Sins

Night sky adorned with stars, watching silently,

Waves wearing white cloak, splashed gently,

Kissing the shore with her wet and salt lips,

He was waiting, for her the whole day and life,

Burning every day in the dawn, Oh! Villainous sun,

The nature thought, the heavens and the creatures too,

There was no man on earth, who could love such,


With such vigor, and insanity his beloved with pain,

Chaotic and surrealism mantras only chanted by men,

But the nature forgot that vicious apple created thou,

Forbidden, yet eaten by the man and the woman,

The seductive love had arisen, naked bodies were,

Walking the earth, falling in love with their opposites,

Then the sinful saga began, and still continues same,


Twin flames were reciprocating the seductive love,

Bind in oneness, the souls were touched in fusion,

Every bare female and male body was speaking love,

 The lustful, sinful, divine yet capricious gestures,

Was spreading like a spate in all directions across,

This love was defied, oh! So defied by the gods,

Alas! They created, distractions, rules of oneness,


Broken, recorded new rules in the heaven’s scared book,

The men’s heart shall beat for two, seduced by many,

Their love couldn’t by pious than nature’s eternal love,

Woman shall bring love, so shall she befall the curse,

Of seductive irreversible sins in love to be committed,

By one and many, time and again the sin has to be,

Made, the walls of chaste love has to be wrecked,


The lovers and the beloved needs be abandoned,

Need be in aloofness, and so thy God created sins of love,

And created the potion, hid it in the hearts seen by only those,

 Who came back to home, to their true soul mate she,

The one who would be his twin flame in the journey to be,

And those hearts which passed the test, would be,

The twin flames of eternity, their souls together till infinity,


Ah! Thus, the love of lust became the love of burning hearts,

Ah! Thus, the love of sins became the love of two souls in fire…………………………………………



*Monalisa Joshi*




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