The Infinite Journey

When was I born and where was I born?

I have no past, no history; the door to ambiguity,

I opened my eyes in aloof, where no one watched,

No one knew when did I became this tender leaf,

The soft green color gave me pride, I was young,

From the rest of them, they were matured more,

Still I wondered who I was, who am I,


There are so many and so many like me,

We all are young and I became friends,

We played with the wind and so did he played,

In return, every time I slept he shook me awake,

This kept going on and on, and I grew young,

The breeze was same and it played with me same,

 But, now its touch on my body felt was different,

The breeze came much quietly, shaking my chastity,


I didn’t know when, I became aware of my body,

My youth at apex, blushed in the prettiest green,

I made others inferior and took too much pride,

The other leaves whispered to the breeze, of my pride,

And one day, he came with all might and flew me aside,

I was flying in love, ignorant me, innocent me,

Was flying with the breeze to where he flew,


Seeing dreams with closed eyes, of home and more,

Foolish I didn’t realize the breeze has no one,

No home and nowhere to discontinue its journey,

The infinite journey of him, it took along it liked,

And left behind what didn’t, and so I fell down,

He let me go, fall down into the vast calm river,

This time I opened my eyes, and saw his fist opened,


My journey with him was over; I fell whirling, twirling,

It gave me the chance to fly high, to live his life,

I now sat on the river water, slowly it took me,

Into its realm of wetness, my tears mixed in vast,

Water becoming alike and slowly from tender green,

I turned brown wet, and drowned deeper much deep,

He left me in aloofness or vastness, the journey has begun,

Now I am dreaming with open eyes, my eyes sky high………………………………….



*Monalisa Joshi*


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