The Day I Lived Again

Lying void on the carpet of green meadows,

Frozen, wrapping the sheet of death almost,

Eyes wide open and awake looking up in the sky,

The clouds were passing hastily, like heaven’s express,

Saw the Dandelions floating, moving slowly and freely,

The short lived ones, but never heard their complains,

Flying was I, so liberated, crossed the Dandelions even,


Met on the way ahead, marvelous colorful winged,

Butterflies, flying wherever they wished, no chains,

And barriers to tie their feet, they had all the riches,

Autumn’s sister came, the spring held my hand,

She took me to the bed of flowers, spread so vast,

Ran and ran I the whole time, carefree and joyful,

On my way then met, the bumble bees buzzing,


Buzzing around and around the prettiest blossoms,

What sight of romance! Blossoms hesitant from their,

Lovers’ smiled, and the buzzing grew louder and louder,

The blossoms came to them bowing down the boughs,

Breaking the manacles, to unite  with their lovers,

Feeling jealous of their love, yet I admired the beauty,

Spring showed me, stuck in the fall hitherto,

Collecting, wrecked pieces of life, falling on the ground,


Clinging so badly, unaware that spring will come,

 She did came, and said to me,” what holds your feet, fly high!

 Look, my sister sacrifices herself, smiling with gratitude,

For me to arrive, old clothes are shed in kindness,

New skin is worn, why cling to what bounds you,”

The spring taught me the lessons of life, perhaps death,

I must say, it took me by surprise they die, rise again,


Still so much pride in their eyes of living short,

Yet meaningful, joyous and precious life, which I saw,

 Then she left my hand, the blossoms and bumble bees,

The bed of flowers, and the butterflies, the dandelions,

They all left me behind; moving fro, I was left behind!

Again seeing the clouds express, with eyes wide awake,

Feeling the cool breeze against my skin, I realized,

I died long before, or perhaps it was the day I lived again……………………………………………



*Monalisa Joshi*



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