Sunlight Hours of Love

Walking for hours, unaware of the world around,

Holding each other’s hands, talking of many childish things,

Passerby went and came, watching them with ogling eyes,

They were lost somewhere deeper, deep inside each other’s,

Heart, staring without a blink, as if it was the end,

Time, people, that blazing heat of sun, cared for none,


Oh! A vivacious summer day, with sun over the head,

Playing the culprit again, kept throwing heat waves,

On them, poor thing!  The Sun kept throwing heat waves,

The much in love duo, the very young boy, and young girl,

They chose a place of solace where no one beleaguered,

Taunted and even recognized them, they wanted peace,


They chose an alone place in the corner, on a big stone,

They sat over it, but there was something the young girl,

Didn’t knew, she wore sunglasses, on that summer sunny day,

The boy held her hand, and abruptly a man came,

Looking at them, he bunged, couldn’t’ resist himself,

The man said, Ah! My dear, I know you much in love,

Love is blind, it feels no pain, sees no evil, and all is heaven,

Even this hot day, is like December’s winter, it is love,


Yes! It is love,

Still my dear lady, mustn’t you see with your own eyes,

Feeling is long dead of heat on your body, still young lady,

Mustn’t you see with you own eyes, take out the glasses,

See! See your beloved, thy love burning beneath the summer sky,

With the rampant sun’s blaze, yet, he is calm and smiling,

Young lady full of tears in her eyes, hastily did what asked,


Saw everything was burning in heat and her lover too,

She sadly asked, “Why you never told me?

He embraced her, smilingly said, this is what love is,

It hurts but doesn’t aches, it burns but doesn’t sores,

This feeling is precious, and I want to feel it,

This my darling is true love,

This my darling is true love,

And that passerby man walked away smiling, leaving the two behind………………………


*Monalisa Joshi*





5 thoughts on “Sunlight Hours of Love

  1. You have a very beautiful poetic way of writing Monalisa!! It mirrors your inner world, vitality, creativity and profoundness!! 😉 ❤

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