The Aniconic Cosmic Dancer

Eyes closed long in meditation, body covered in dust,

The dead land has become futile, with every Om!

That he spells, out from his mouth, for centuries,

Which have passed, his tresses grown long and tangled,

Covering the earth, snakes rolling on his bare body,

A sight all the eidolons fear, yet they will to be near,


The whole universe where he resides, it was peaceful,

His eyes ever closed in trance, still aware to the world around,

And the day came; his ears heard noises loud and louder,

His cosmic Om! Was getting clashed, with those noises,

With greater annoyance his eyes opened, its light,

Unbearable for the eidolons, they fell miles away,


His cosmic figurine ever present, stood, he gazed around,

Full of rage, his breath flowing faster from his strong chest,

He saw that his creation has become slime like,

He saw his beloved creation man and woman on earth,

His most treasured creation, both were getting eaten,

Alive by the vultures, flying everywhere to devour,



He saw the beautiful fountains flowing in red,

The earth and fields are growing grave armaments,

Children are eating flesh; mother’s breast has long dried,

Blood is the new milk, flowing from earth’s bosom,

The Aniconic cosmic dancer has started his dance,

Amid the five elements of life, his dance filled of rage,


His pellet drum has started beating on his tandav,

Deeply hurt and saddened, his heart is crying but,

His anger has taken over all emotions, the earth,

Water, air and fire have stopped within time,

And there seems no end to Natraja’s tandav,

Harmony, peace once flowing on earth’s chest,


Are tied in the long locks of his might,

The creator is reversing its creation, the vicious cycle,

For him being the supreme didn’t saw, the fallout,

And now this earth shakes with his footsteps,

The destiny of them is in his hands,

The cosmic dancer now arisen, has become Shiva the Divine…………………………


*Monalisa Joshi*





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