The Dark Mirrors of Haven


The raft was moving slowly, shoved by gentle waves,

She was soon wide awake, realizing it was a vast ocean,

She was stuck amid, she cried for help many a time,

Her eyes saw many shadows moving fast on the surface,

They came fast; her subtle body lying motionless,

The shadows prying all over her, she couldn’t resist them,


The waves have brought far, her raft floating in the,

Black ocean carrying its dark brackish water along,

She made her way to a haven, passing through gazing eyes,

Amid many faces, the windows were covered with glasses,

There were many colors, yet strange dimness in the haven,

She saw the same water on the floors of the haven,

Its walls were badly dampened, feet sinking till ankle,


She strolled in quiet, saw many women stood by,

The doors with chained feet, their faces painted,

Like clowns, there were no expressions on them,

It seemed eternity, age, time and feelings caged,

Behind the door, on which hung a gigantic lock,


She passed across that alien hall, knowing not,

Where she stood, and suddenly was shocked to see,

A woman imprisoned behind a mirror, and many,

She saw, they were shouting, banging their heads,

On those dark mirrors, trying hard to break free,

Alas! Those mirrors were hard like frozen ice,


She started hitting on the mirror too, to help them,

 Oh! She couldn’t! She couldn’t!

Break those dark glasses; her eyes now fell on,

That young girl who stood apart and alone,

Framed beneath another mirror dark alike,

That girl, pointed her finger trying to warn something,

To look behind, please look behind!

Someone slapped and the sound was loud,


The voice said! How much need I pay?

 And she fell into her body, eyes still watching the roof,

It was over, fast and quick,

She makes no tantrums, she is good, the voice said”,

Why would she? It was the den of iniquity,

And stuck was she like all else, floating in the same dark ocean,

Perhaps the truth hidden inside their chest,

Was much painful and unseen ……………………………………..



*Monalisa Joshi*


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