Timeless Frozen Love of an Epoch


In the darkness of night, she kept waiting for,

Her love to come back, she couldn’t wait anymore,

She ran down the stairs, took the buggy standing outside,

Her heart was skipping many beats, worried she,

Perspired beneath her long flowing gown,

She knew, he was a womanizer, still she loved him,


Her forgiveness he thought to be her innocence,

He faked loving her, knew she, still loved him more,

Poor he! Couldn’t understand and she never forced him,

He lived a rich man’s life, with many women around,

He threw money and time, staying not for long,

With one woman, it was his regal addiction,

Wine and Women, yes! He was a womanizer,


Tonight was special; it was their centennial night,

She wore a fine dress, sitting beside the candle light,

She spent till midnight gazing at the staircase,

Ears alert to hear his footsteps, in that chilling night,

Never she heard the footsteps, and ever the clock stopped,

The house was full with the sound of ‘tick tock”,


Half past midnight her waiting was over,

She wore no shawl, running through the hallway,

Running down the stairs, she looked hurt and at pain,

Her beautiful gown following her, was stained with mud,

Alas! She came to the brothel, sure of where to see him,

He was shocked to see her wife, standing front of him,


Not a single word, she uttered, went back the same way,

She came from; he didn’t have the courage to face her,

He never followed her home, made an unpardonable mistake,

She kept looking back from her buggy; tears froze near the eyes,

Not even heavens knew what she had in mind,

Silently she arrived to their loving abode,

Stood in the gallery, that opened outside,


Standing for a while, she felt the chill against her skin,

Shedding off all her clothes, she sat there whole night,

Slowly embracing the ice on her bare body, she froze,

The maids were done for the day, no one was there,

To save their mistress, she didn’t wanted to be saved either,

In the lights of the city, she was lost in frosty darkness,


And so her pure love froze, she turned into a blue beauty,

Blood in her veins became ice, night passed away,

With the virgin ray of dawn, he arrived,

It was late for eternity, his shrieks the city heard,

He looked at her blue face; she was still beautiful,

They say! He kept her body in a glass coffin till,

His last breath, yes! He made penances for eternity,


He was a womanizer, and from then on their love,

Became a timeless chronicle, of a frozen epoch,

With the first snowflake, they say a beautiful,

Woman is seldom still seen running across the streets,

Holding her gown, she always seems in haste,

Merging into the white snow, she disappears……………


*Monalisa Joshi*







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