The Long kiss Goodbye


Sinking deep down into the attic of my soul,

I found some wrecked pieces of memories,

Falling down on the floor, here and there,

I sat there picking all the pieces, joining them together,

A beautiful image emerged from beneath,

Of a beautiful woman and a young man,

Much in love with each other, much in love,


Perhaps time flied, faster than I could imagine,

What glorious day, it was when we first met,

When I was that woman and you the handsome man,

Holding hands and walking on the meadows,

For hours so long, hiding from the world’s eyes,

Seconds of time were precious and abiding,

Still in my mind, the memoirs are so refined,


The careless attitude of ours, ah! So enjoyable then,

Made us laugh, sing and dance together,

You held my hand and kissed my lips,

Gentle as ever, love was what I tasted,

In all your gestures, and still I remember,

Butterflies and bees fled in my stomach,


What passionate kiss of your love,

I bear in mind that scent of your breath,

And tonight here in my souls’ attic,

I am still alone, trying to feel that kiss,

Again on my lips and your warm breath,

I didn’t realize when that our first kiss,

Was transformed into a long kiss Goodbye……………….


*Monalisa Joshi*


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