Canvas of Life

There was a wall in her abode, wide and colorless,

She watched it for long, standing in the basement,

Little light was there, things around less visible,

She was angry and sad; she took a black paint,

Threw it on the wall, kept doing till she felt peace,

Inside her heart, oh! She colored that wall black,


Another day and many days went, again one day,

Came when she felt happy, more happy than ever,

She went to that wall in her basement, colored it red,

Thinking without a second, grabbed the color of love,

Again she moved her brush roughly, till she felt glad,

Inside her heart, ah! She colored that wall with red,


Then came days some were, blue and depressing,

And she painted the wall blue, also came the day,

When her heart felt flowing like water, with peace,

So she painted the wall white with shades of blue,

Alas! The days with darkness didn’t stay behind,

Came with vigor and she painted the wall black again,


Myriad emotions she went through, all happening fast,

And round the time, she moved along from youth,

To middle age she stepped in, slowly understanding,

The many truths of life, but she never stopped throwing,

Various hues of color on the wall, she splashed and splashed,

Shades of orange, green, purple, red and more,

With time she noticed, colors on the wall were bright,


The dark shades were no longer visible, from behind,

Rather the wall looked majestic, with mixed shades,

Merged together, layers and layers of her human emotions,

Made an art on the wall, she noticed never before,

Looked amazed at her creation, the wall held lessons of life,

On its chest, it bore marks of both pain and delight,


Much mature now, she understands the truth of life,

The lifeless and silent wall taught her the lessons,

That even the darkest of days are over, comes light,

After each night, the past is always covered with,

The colors of present, though it stays in heart ever,

The darkness somewhere behind, working as a base,

That brought the true art; the life was same wall like,


With hues of life, she painted the wall of her heart,

Ah! She painted a master piece, she was no artist,

Life was, and so she named it her “Canvas of life”

Yes! She named the wall her “Canvas of Life”…………


*Monalisa Joshi*








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