The Hourglass of Time

Tonight the sky looked magnificent veiling the star sheet,

Silent and quiet, only the bell rings singing their song,

Were heard outside, she watched from the window,

The beautiful night sky, a tear rolled down her cheeks,

She was lost in the memoirs of past, hastily wiped eyes,

Went into the living room of her abode, it was dark,

The inmates were sleeping in peace, awoke was she,


Lighting a lamp she gazed at her wrinkled hands,

The fine lines of aging were much visible in light so dim,

No darkness, no light, could hide anymore the marks of time,

She still remembers her first night with her soul mate,

They sat on the roof for hours, talking watching the same,

Night sky, the stars were the same, of that night,

And tonight also they are same, only they have changed,


Life ran away faster than her, and won the race,

It was now her race against time, the sand was slipping,

The more she tried to grab it, tighter she held her fist,

The seconds and sand still escaped; there was no one stronger,

Then time, she has understood now and wants to let free,

Herself from the chains that binds her still here,


She took the lamp into the bedroom, and held it high,

Looking at the face of her soul mate, wrinkles there too,

The fine looking man is hidden now behind somewhere,

In those marks of aging, yet she smiled, felt proud,

For they were a loving couple, earlier and till now,

The love flowing in their hearts is ever young,

She felt blessed, of having him still by her side,


Taking one last look at the hour glass, on the window

Her heart was now at peace, she crushed it with a hammer,

Stealing away the time from it, she released the sand,

All flew away from her hands, becoming lost in the space,

She tugged herself into the bed, aside her soul mate,

Gently embraced him and kissed on his forehead,

Perhaps it was her eternal sleep against time…………….


*Monalisa Joshi*


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