Martyrs of the Living Eden

Deep her heart was full of sorrow, quietly the earth sighed,

Oh! Look my dear beloved my blue veil is red,

My hands are filled with the blood of those,

Whom I did not murder, my vast horizon now roars,

With the echoes of guns and bullets, bloodshed everywhere,

Quelling my chest, they are killing their own kind,

My heart is pierced each time; my eyes ever wet,


Thee lover I am the universe, for time without end,

Showed her soul mate, beloved earth, the untold reality,

Took her hands lovingly and said, “do not be saddened my dearest”,

For I will show you the truth, look amid the never ending chaos,

Our sons and daughters live in peace and harmony,

The light of us reside in them, from millions of years now,

Numerous are they, preserving our existence,


From times immemorial, the martyrs of our Eden,

Who lives for us and they will die smiling too,

The martyrs on thy command will spread the message of love,

Forget not my beloved, your anger whenever fell,

As catastrophes, on thee children befalling many,

Their faith was never shaken, neither had they hated,

You and me ever, their eternal mother and father,


Without a question, the martyrs’ son of me went ahead,

To stand the world of their dreams, touching the lives,

Of their brothers and sisters, and so shall they,

Will be persistence, look my beloved and be proud,

Your own child’s chest is penetrated with bullets,

Myriad are falling down, and there stands again,

Your child, they fall on to your chest for eternal sleep,


Your veil is not red; it is your own son’s blood,

Take him unto your abiding garment, let him be,

Another Martyr, who will protect this living Eden,

One day my dearest, thy children’s sacrifice won’t be vain,

One day my dearest, there will be peace and harmony,

In the whole universe, and your eyes won’t be ever wet,

Have faith on them forever and ever, and let them be,


The saviors of this living Eden, till eternity,

Come my beloved, hold my hand, and let them be,

The saviors of this living Eden, till eternity……………….


*Monalisa Joshi* 


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