Heaven’s Forbidden Truth

The heavens and the Gods decided once,

To judge the son of man, they threw a catastrophe,

The vast horizon of man spread on the earth,

Was destroyed in seconds, into dust and ashes,

As far the eyes gazed, there was no man left,

Yet there were two, who made it till the end,


The Gods saw from the skies, watching them survive,

What was God’s plan, was unknown to the men,

They two men headed to the forest,

They could find no food anywhere, anymore,

They became the wanderers, but didn’t lost hope,

Hope they knew was their strength,


Time and seconds riding on the chariot of God’s,

Passed and took much of the men’s youth,

They were settled now, everything in control of,

Yet something was missing, for a man needed a woman,

The Gods thought, so they sent a woman on earth,

She was the goddess of lust and beauty,

Her whole figurine was carved for seduction,


She went to the men, portraying herself a survivor,

She bowed and asked for their mercy,

The men were happy to see one more being alive,

Convivial gesture they accepted her presence,

She was sent from heaven with a purpose, so she began,

Using intimate postures, invited the men,


Till now unaware they, forgotten with the chaos,

Living a life of sanctity and celibacy,

They were in much peace, oh! The flower blossomed,

Of lust and lascivious desires, they became like predators,

Dying to fetch on their prey, both wanted her,

Fearful now, forgot her purpose, left her skin,

On the ground, lying was her bones and blood,


She made them saw the forbidden truth,

It was just the upper shell, for which they fought,

Every being was same, inside, all was bones,

All was blood flowing red, and so shall the body,

Rises from dust, and merges to dust,

They saw the truth, lust disappear melting through sweat,


The Gods were defeated once more, by son of man,

Their plan failed, of creating an aphrodisiac world,

Removing the veil of Maya, freed the men from yearn,

Gods have understood, that love is the potion,

For the creation of mankind, they gave her life back,

To live in harmony and love, she chose both men,

Threesome they reside in peace, nourishing more of their kind,

This time with love only pure love so divine…………….


*Monalisa Joshi*




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