The Ocean’s Adamant Love

He was calm and present for ages around,

Yet his story of anger was told a many times,

His might was fearful, no one dared to muddle,

He took unto him myriad ships and beings,

And fed its hunger, he was the mighty ocean,

Strong, aggressive, protective extremely arrogant,


But this time happened something unexpected,

And the news spread from the dolphins,

To the other water creatures, of the river,

And they were feeling happy for their keeper,

Their very own river has fallen in love with the ocean,

She was ever calm and serene, flowing with ease,

Her water is sweet like her; she a naked woman of glass,


Her watery body is shiny and graceful,

She is an epitome of love, nurturing every being,

Her demeanor is feminine, her moves are wavy,

She travels on water chariot to meet her love,

Oh! Pitiful the arrogant and adamant ocean,

Doesn’t understand the love of the river,

With all his might, he shuns her away again,


Showing much ego, he doesn’t allow her love,

To flow into his salty heart, and make it sweet,

Though beneath the surface, he silently loves the river,

Ah! The ever adamant ocean, fails to express his love,

He wants the river to merge into him, forever,

Be the salt from the sweet, leaving her serenity behind,


For thy love to be won, and be with me,

Surrender your entity and be the ocean, “he roared,

The river’s love so pure, she smilingly accepted,

The ocean’s obstinate demand, her eyes saw only love,

Leaving her home behind in the Nile, she splashed,

The ocean made waves in contentment and bliss,

He has his true love, which he gained with his valor,


The Nile is wave less, motionless, awaiting its keeper,

She comes back once in a while to her home,

The ocean waits with impatience for her to come,

She comes back every time, to her egoistic lover,

 Every time their unison seems like a kiss of eternity,

Oh! What a sacrifice the river made,

For the adamant ocean, hitherto their love is divine.


*Monalisa Joshi*



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