Naked Truth of Zobhana

Lying on her couch, her bare body veiled with muslin,

Wine spilling from her glass, the white rug was red,

Zobhana drank to hide something, from the world outside,

She had myriad untold chapters of life, hidden in her chest,

Painful was the truth, no one lend an ear anymore,


Once there was time, Zobhana was young, a temptress,

She was the face of stardom, a celebrity born in the realm,

Of myriad fine looking people, lucky she was to be on the top,

Among all the stars of her time, envious eyes around her,

She enjoyed the fame, fortune that came along,

And she enjoyed the race amid the jealous women,


She was the seductress on the screen, men followed,

Wherever she went, Zobhana threw money and picked,

Man she wanted, spending only a night was the maximum,

She never had more; she enjoyed her youth, her status,

Not bothered to be loved, for she thought lust to be love,

She gave herself to anybody and everybody,


Moment in time could not be held back, with every second,

Zobhana grew old, slowly losing her youth, and her charm,

New faces came to stardom; she was no longer desired,

Even by men who once, waited like crazy to catch her glimpse,

They waited in queues to be picked by her,

Ah! What glorious day those were of Zobhana the mare,


They say time is the healer, this time it was opposite,

With time Zobhana is more ruined, ailing and penniless,

There is no one around to hold her, love her,

Lust has no space left; she needs a caressing human touch,

She never valued anyone, not even her star world,

Lost in the darkness behind the limelight, oh! She sighs,


Wine and alcohol are now her best friends,

Zobhana is old, lost her mind, the servants gossip,

Having seen her roaming around unclothed, inside the house,

They make fun of her, for them she is fanatical fool,

Alas! Knows who, of her silent pain and agony,

Each second is a suicide, within the walls of her abode,


She has seldom been seen around and out,

The world so unaware never bothers to care,

Their long lost heroine, who once ruled and stole,

Their hearts, only left now are her silent echoes,

Covered within the unscripted book of drama,

Alas! This was the naked truth of Zobhana.


*Monalisa Joshi*


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