Night of the Hunters

A night of full moon on the sky, the moon was bright,

He was with his gun walking vigilantly, eyes open wide,

Deep into the woods he went, alone and courageous,

There was crackling of the leaves with each step he took,

He was cautious and alert, the silence of the woods was eerie,

As he move forward, many nocturnal eyes watched,


He came to hunt the blood thirsty tiger, his victim for tonight,

The cruel tiger had become a fear for so long,

It has taken into the darkest of its cave so many lives,

The time has now come to hunt it down, and stop its bloody game,

Tonight was the hunter’s moon and so the hunt began,

He reached into its cave; the beast was not visible inside,


The hunter became more alert; the gun barrel was ready,

His retina moved, his breathing aloud, and beats were faster,

The full moon night was bright, and the beast was watching,

Its prey from behind, for he has come walking to the cave,

Soon the hunter saw two eyes burning, coming fro to fetch him,

He took two steps back, waited for the beast to move,


The tiger made its move; it jumped on its paws lifting itself up,

 It pounced towards its hunter, and then there were two gun shots,

Which roared through the jungle, and the villagers heard,

The hunters’ night was over; the village people went to saw,

The beast was dead, and it had killed the man along,

The full moon night witnessed two hunters, the hunt was over,


The jungle is at peace now, freed from the breast,

But the game is not over; the full moon night will come again,

Another hunter’s night is soon to come, the nocturnal are waiting,

To fetch on their liked prey, the beast will rise again,

It will come out from the forest, if it desires,

Keep yourself locked behind the doors, don’t let it get you……………


*Monalisa Joshi*


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