The Lady and the Lion

Long long time ago, there was a love story,

That existed and now it’s a legend,

Eccentric story of the lady and the lion,

Spread like a plague, from miles to miles,

It can be heard from the mouth of the older,

After years so many, it is still fresh like new,


The myth says there was a woman and her lover,

She was the divine beauty and he was the son of man,

He was human, fell in love with that Goddess in heavens,

Their love was blissful and pure like the Ganges,

He loved her more and she loved him more,

They met when the twilight came, parted with the dawn,


Every night she came to the earth to be one,

With her human lover and they made love to each other,

Night after night the stars witnessed their bodily love,

But their union wasn’t accepted and honored,

For he was human and she was the Goddess of beauty,

Alas! They were both punished, she was sent to earth for eternity,

Poor son of man was turned into a ferocious lion, 


The Gods in the heavens thought, the lion is brutal,

It will not spare come whatever may in its path,

It will eat the woman and fill its hunger,

Because she is only its prey, and so the Gods watched,

The lady went in search for her lover, knowing not,

That he was a lion; she saw the lion and understood,

It was him and she had no fear, she stretched her arms,

She was ready for the sweet death from her lover,


And something strange happened which the heavens witnessed,

The lion fell at her feet, and sat with its head bowed,

Their eyes met and embracing each other they cried together,

Their tears made a river, in which both sunk,

The Gods in the heaven, they found themselves small,

Ashamed of their act, they could not reverse their curse,


Oh! Their true love pierced the hearts of the Gods,

They bestowed their blessing on them, gave them a bequest,

With dusk the lion will become the man she loved,

Again to a lion at the crack of the dawn, so shall it remain?

Both a curse and a gift, and they will live till eternity,

They both accepted with open hearts,


Their love was pure and abiding,

Till now they exist, she was Durga once the Goddess,

Much human now and they had been seen never,

Their existence is a myth, a legend, a mystery,

Their tale of love has been flying for ages, and so it says,

Once there was a lady and the lion, who was her lover,

He was the son of man, and she was the Goddess on earth………….


*Monalisa Joshi*


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