There Was No Escape

It was summer time; she fled from the house,

Holding her children close to herself, she didn’t look behind,

One was holding her hand, the other one in her lap,

She was running scared from someone she didn’t know,

It wasn’t a dream, it was for real,

She felt guilty for making her children suffer,


She went to someone known, asking for help,

They shunned her with ease and threw her out,

Amazed at god’s will, she couldn’t believe the fact,

Those she thought were her friends, turned her sweet enemies,

Grabbing again her children, she took her baggage along,


Looked at the children, Oh! They were so innocent,

Knowing not what their mother wanted,

Blindly followed for she was their mother,

She looked at the older one’s face; he was playing in his own world,

The younger one sleeping in her arms,


She blamed herself, and she blamed herself,

The night approached, and she was alone in the darkness,

They took her children away from her,

She cried and she cried,

The days are long gone past now,


She has her children back,

Still that day resides within her like a nightmare,

That summer day is gone, has come another day of the summer,

Her heart still shrinks into deeper,

Thinking of that frightful incident, which made her realize,

There was no escape, there never was!!


*Monalisa Joshi*





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