Qualms behind the Invisible Cage

Inside the invisible cage, there lives a woman,

She is seldom seen, most of the time she sits quietly,

She keeps linking time and again the chain of the past,

Reminding myriad times the dreadful events,

Events of the past, which has shaken her badly,

That woman is peaceful inside; she is not a rebel,


 But whenever there are loud noises she is wide awake,

Locking her cage first, she keeps herself safe,

She doesn’t want herself to get hurt,

Keeping her lips locked she wins the battle,

Her domicile is dark; still it doesn’t troubles her anymore,

She is quite content but there are fears of future in her mind,


Incidents that randomly bring the storm doesn’t affect her being,

She is strong, still the fear of being alone in the outer world,

Haunts her day and night, someday she will be abandoned,

In the middle of the wide unknown ocean, standing empty handed,

She will have no one to cling to and nowhere to go,

Her fears are valid, but she doesn’t want to ruin the present,


 And at times she finds her surrounded by the light,

That blinds her eyes and those around,

But when she comes out of that light to find the one,

She has always seen by her side, she finds him long gone,

Who has left without a trace, she doesn’t understand why?


Some of her fears are what she is living with,

Inside the invisible cage, lives the woman,

The woman in the cage is my figments of imagination,

 I am the real woman, with these weird inner fears of mine,

 I don’t want to lose my now, and spoil the moments bestowed,

I have my way of love and love will conquer all the fears,

Come whatever may in the future, I am crouching ready……….


*Monalisa Joshi*



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