The dark Lady on His bed

A dark tale of love in the darkest of hours,

Was taking many into its lap, giving them,

Oh! What they desired, lust and seduction,

Myriad came and went by, time for her never stopped,

She was the dark lady, who was mistress of many,

Took people in her den, filling them with her venom,


This time came a man so young, caught in her trap,

She was tactful, played many roles to fetch her prey,

He saw her and fell in love, she was the goddess of beauty,

Her body was voluptuous, she invited in the world of Kama Sutra,

She had one thing to offer, her body and her youth,

Envious other women around saw her with pity,


Clogging the young man’s way everybody tried to make him see,

The dark face behind her beauty, Alas! It all went in vain,

He found the dark lady most beautiful in this world,

He fell in love like a bumble bee with its flower,

He saw no darkness and evil locked beneath her playful love,


Night was the time when she fetched on her prey,

Those who went in her house, she threw her robe,

Running naked, wine spilling, snakes of lust crawling over everywhere,

It became a brothel, in the darkest of hours,

The young man was attracted; he thought it was pure love,

So he went and went, ignorant of, she was the mistress in town,


Someone was angry, hurt and ferocious,

Burning in the fire of vengeance was his lady love,

Whom he left behind, he was hypnotized by the dark lady,

Every night he became the game of her lust,

Night after night she came to his house,

She feeds on the masculinity of the young men,

Their young bodies, she uses to quench her sexual thirst,


Sadly, his lady love found them together on the bed,

The dark lady was always aside wrapped in the satin,

Sheets of his bed she lay there oh! She lay there,

Full of rage, his lady love came with a dagger,

She killed the young man and ran away the mistress,

The dark lady was hidden again in her darkness,

Waiting for her prey to come, the game will begin again,


Here lies in darkness of night the body of the young man,

His true love saved him from the black ocean of lust,

She is covered in his blood, sitting there she cries,

She couldn’t see her love being taken away,

And now her lovers’ body is all she has,

Still her heart is at peace, she saved him oh! She saved him…….


*Monalisa Joshi*


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