Eccentrically Familiar

 The room was dark and wraith like; there was no one inside,

She entered had not much to choose, she gained the courage,

Went inside her heart skipping faster and louder,

Something there she saw was a great surprise,

The room that looked so eerie from outside was just like her room,

She has just left behind; she couldn’t understand the mystery undefined,


The room was magnificent and purely divine,

It was like her old house that she has seen before,

Only the people inside looked different as they stared at her,

She felt like a stranger among them, still not scared she lived with them,

Made them her friends, relatives and even lover she found,

She slowly became their family and they became hers,


Time passed and passed, she forgot she was ever a stranger,

Everything and everyone seemed like her own,

And so she grieved when she lost, something or someone,

The room was not anymore eerie, it was like heaven,

She also became its portion and washed her hands with the same water,

Water that she saw back then in her homeland,


 Now she has grown old with so much to cherish from,

Her life has taught her the truth, why the room was so familiar,

The room was the world, a new place where she came,

She left one room behind, but the same sky followed her,

The air was same; the grass was green alike back in her home,

The people were same with the same blood flowing in veins,

It was her mind and her qualms, but now she lives in this room,

She lives in this house; she lives in this world without any fear,

Because she understands that she is human and so are they,

She shares the same universe that is shared by them……


*Monalisa Joshi*



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