The Door That Was Left Ajar

The fall came with breeze so pleasant and misty,

Leaves everywhere and the sunshine so warm,

My soul house was filled with the essence of fall,

 But my house was filled with the dust the breeze brought along,

I kept the doors closed of my house and the windows,

Never letting in dust and the leaves from the fall,


Still I found one door that was always left ajar,

I closed it time and again, annoyed at times,

Increased my efforts and this time I bolted it hard,

Oh! Poor me, again it was ajar the next day,

Confused I looked with awe; my eyes ran all around,

Who was it then, I was lost and thinking,


When I heard a knock, and I saw a little girl standing,

Hiding from me and peeping at the same from that door,

Amazed to see the little girl, I asked her who she was,

She said, “She wanted to meet her mother, who was inside”,

Nodding left and right, my gesture was negative,


I sent her back, with loving and gentle words,

Saying her mother here doesn’t reside, 

She was gone for the day, came back the next,

 That door was ajar again, making me frantic,

With a heavy voice I demanded who she was,

She smiled and her innocence melted me down,


She answered me in a soft tone, I am you,

I am your childhood; you don’t know me but I know you,

I know you still miss me deep inside your core,

She came inside and sat on the lap of her mother,

I was in tears, she was not her mother, she was mine,

They looked happy together, laughing and giggling,


Somewhere I was feeling jealous, as mother wasn’t looking at me,

I tried to reach her, touch her, my feet were jammed,

I kept shouting and shouting but they didn’t hear,

Alas! I was awake; sitting on my bed I regained my conscious,

It was a dream and my soul which made my memories rewind,


Days from my childhood, the dream filled me with something long lost,

My heart longs to be there again, my childhood will come back never,

 I saw mother in her youthful days and her loving lap,

My soul still misses those loving moments which we shared together,

All the memories of my childhood days were back in a fraction,

Landing back to the real world from the dream, I looked behind,

The door was closed it was never open,

It was the door of my soul that was left ajar,

And it still remains ajar, as there lives the little girl and her mother………


*Monalisa Joshi*




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