Love through the Ganges


The water splashed on the stairs, touching with verve,

Again and again the splashes came and went by,

She came and watched the sunset over the Ganges,

A view she was eager to watch day after day,

She looked a little out of the world, lost in her own thoughts,

Loved the sound of the water and the steamers went by,


She saw the boats came with people and far it goes,

Something that happened and meant nothing to anyone,

She found the Ganges and the shore the most beautiful,

Incomparable to anything in this world, she was in awe,

She watched every day, and found great solace in,

Time went by she became a beautiful woman and fell in love,


Falling in love was another splendid thing, and shared they,

Their love through the Ganges, sat on the shore for hours,

Waves and the night was so magnificent, gazed the stars from beneath

Sitting on the stairs, dipped their legs the cool waves touched by,

Made their union stronger and the Ganges witnessed the love,

The knot of love bonded them forever, and the Ganges witnessed the love,


Time faded many things; she was twirled and whirling,

Many a facets of life, but the Ganges still awaits thy love,

She was lost and entrapped, this time in the real world,

Her heart longed, her soul wept, her mind recalled,

Went never to the Ganges, Oh! Her youth is gone,

Gone is everything that chained her feet, she is now alone,


Stood on the verge of the heavens, she wished to see the Ganges,

Wanted to pay her last homage, to her abiding love through the Ganges,

Came there she, saw the splashes and the serene waves,

Filled with ignominy her head bowed, for Ganges remains the same,

Ever beautiful and young like before, the sunset was its lover,

She found her love small and piteous, felt ashamed of herself,


She touched the water, took it on her head,

Hands together against the chest, she paid the respect,

Closed her eyes and felt the sounds of the splashes,

On the stairs she stood her feet wet underneath,

Lost in the time, of her love through the Ganges,

Her mind and heart was in peace,

There were steamers and sounds of the tug boats,

That came and went by; she stood for time unknown,

The Ganges flowed and flowed all the time……….


*Monalisa Joshi*


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