Women Are Still Dominated

This is the harsh reality or naked truth that women are still not considered equal and are respected enough in the society. Society has gone through many revolutions and with globalization taken place in most parts of the world, has not been of much help to change the scenario or the conditions of women. Women are still brutally beaten up, molested, raped, and raising their voices against these acts of violence is a taboo.

In rural India, “Taboo” is a word that can be actually used for the living conditions of the rural women. The situation of the hill women is pretty agonizing too, and going there and seeing their day to day life style, I realized they are so used to it that even their minds are woven around what their culture has to offer, and accepting something new was as difficult for them as it would have been for me to accept their lifestyle and merged into it. I could not resist noticing these women worked so hard, with cattle rearing, farming, and taking care of the homely chores along, still with no signs of pain on their faces. I saw them rather smiling and enjoying in between with gossips and sometimes they sang folk songs with the fellow women while working in the fields.

Another surprise came to me, when I saw a woman sleeping along with the cattle besides the cows and buffalos, and my curious mind was eager to know. Sooner I was told that she was having her monthly periods and during this time they are considered impure and are not allowed to enter the house and can’t even cook for 4-5 days and her food was provided to her by the other woman in the house. Something I still can’t believe and felt sad from inside for that woman.  I realized that all these customs and rituals were not alien to them and they have been brought up in such way that generation after generation women had followed them with ease. Rituals apart these women are often beaten up by the MALE, still they tolerate all this without raising their voices or ever complain. Perhaps; it was also part of their regular life style or “Taboo” of the rural society, their customs and rituals, either compelled on them or accepted by choice.

I always thought that women in the cities have a better life. They have access to education, modern lifestyle, self independence, money and much more compared to the rural women. I was wrong! All these things help to see the right and fight for the wrong. But the voice of a woman is suppressed even in the cities, rape victims can’t ask for justice; rather they are seen with loathsome eyes. The blame is that women wear revealing and provoking clothes! “Excuse me” but we are living in 21st century and like it or not everything from people to clothes have revolutionized, east and west has come together, there is wide acceptance of this modernization. Still introvert people with their narrow minds see the women as sex objects and they have dirty view are again the “Women”

There is hardship and struggle that women face in their everyday life, and then there are relationships which need to be satisfied. I thought it was the case here in India, but being connected with many women across the globe through internet, I realized that it’s all the very same everywhere. I feel there is a lot more expected from us and when we are not able to fulfill them we are tagged as worthless. Our worth is that we are the creator of this whole universe isn’t it enough, and removing the “WO” and prefixing “Hu” to man becomes “Human”. Yes Human, I think this says it all, we are humans! Not the being of fantasy, but still the truth is that “Women Are Dominated”.

*Monalisa Joshi*


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