The Role of Perfumes in Our Lives

Nowadays everybody wants to win the race with good looks, personality magnetism, and perfumes seem to be coming very handy in this mission. With all the aromatic alcohol based perfumes available in the market, the aroma sometimes works wonder. Earlier only women were the ones who applied different kinds of fragrances, but in today’s 21st century men are equally enthusiastic about their whole appearances and perfumes are now the hottest selling product with the male ratio being more than the woman.

Some of the reasons why perfumes have become so much popular among both men and women:

  • Busy lifestyle with less time to indulge in personal hygiene makes a way. Just a spray and you are all refreshed and fresh smelling.
  • Gymming and work outs are a call for the perfumes and colognes to be used. People with body odor are a big no in social gatherings and public places, perfumes is the answer to body odor!
  • Well going for a date who wouldn’t want to smell nice, more than women, men are concerned, it again has to be the perfume!  The choice is perfect.
  • How can the after shaves be forgotten, the masculine smell they have can definitely make the women fall for. The added advantage of these is they stay all day long.
  • Perfumed soaps and deo of both men and women have a different aroma, the former is manlier and the latter is of course more erotic and heavenly.

Markets are filled with so many variants and bottled in such beautiful glass containers, are the true attention grabbers. A perfume station filled with colorful bottles and the free sample test is a great way to make these bottles filled with ambrosia sold more. A perfume bottle indeed is a great gift for any occasion, and can’t be compared with any other expensive gift. Branded perfumes which are limited to a selected populace, still doesn’t stop the rest of the crowd to go for the other variants available in cologne or deos . The catch is to smell good!

Why Perfumes are so popular among the youngsters:

Perfumes are becoming a hit, among the youngsters especially the teenagers and college kids. An age full of infatuation, they use the cheaper versions of Eau De Parfum (French), to attract the opposite sex. Fragrances with fruity touch are a popular choice of teenage girls, while boys want to attract them towards their looks; they prefer the musk or cologne. Attractions are not the aftereffects of the perfumes, but surely they help. Who wouldn’t like a person with a nice smell without any odor, but surely like advertisements fairies or angels are not going to fall from the sky!

Some Pros and Cons of the Perfumes:

It can’t be denied though that perfumes are the best answer to all the situations and even to a bad day, but there certainly are some pros and cons associated with this.

  •  Refreshing fragrance is the best part of the perfumes, but sometimes the quality is compromised. Even the most famous brands have their fakes and duplicates available in the market. One can’t even trace the difference.
  • Under popular celebrities and brands name, the quality of the perfume is neglected.
  • Many of the perfumes and deos promise fair skin, would that be the case than there wouldn’t have any problem left for the both men and women of looking good.
  • Sometimes these perfumes can cause skin allergies and rashes, of course the fake and duplicate perfumes available in the markets as along with the real ones, are the creator of such problems.  This is done with such accuracy that is hard to find. And the best part that these fake perfumes match the fragrance level of the original at the precise level.

This is indeed an expensive taste, but those having it have the great sense and can go nerd over to maintain this taste. Though it does come with the invisible warning: Angels and Fairies about to fall kindly use your umbrellas.

*Monalisa Joshi*


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