Musical Love Saga of the Phantom Lovers

Amid the busy and loudness of the streets in a city,

There stood a house on the 55fth lane, so horrid,

Lies a secret, which the passerby believe,

A mystical story going round from the horse’s mouth,

Conceded from generation to the newer ones,

Legendary tale of the two lovers, who were once alive,


Oh! What a sight of their love, fracas and struggles,

A gentleman, a beautiful lady, their love became a spate,

Spreading the musical virus all across the city,

He played the violin; she was the dancer with beauty,

Love could be seen flowing from the chords of his violin,

With her long dress, she whirled and whirled,

Spiral, her moves and her feet never stopped,


She tapped; he played, rhythmic transcending energies,

Went all across the streets, to the people’s ear,

Charmed by their melodious love, and music purely divine,

Everybody waited the night to come, to hear and dance along,

Happiness flowed in each domicile, love was abundant,

Longing for their unison, populace showered their blessings,


 Oh! Someone was not happy, jealous and full of rage,

A shadow envious of their love, fame and abiding sync,

Made a bloody plan, killed the violin maestro, and her dancing love,

Fled away far away, gone with the dawn, only a word spread,

The people of the city, their eyes filled with tears went to see,

It was a bloody sight; the musical couples were far lost in time,


Nights passed after the unpleasant incident, the soundless city,

Is moving on slowly, still there stands the house on the 55th lane,

The sole witness of that dreadful night, is again playful with melodies,

Music still flows from his violin and tapping have the echoes,

Many have witnessed, the phantom lovers can still be seen,

Inside the house, but not their presence is delightful, more an irk,


Till today the cities have changed, changed are the people,

The house on the 55th lane remains there with eerie marks of age,

Music still could be heard, flowing melodiously and loud,

Leaps of time, sitting on the ship of life is rowing and rowing,

The musical love saga brimming in words and mouth,

Of the people, they named them Phantom lovers,

And so the legend goes round and round…………….


*Monalisa Joshi*



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